Santa Fe Downtown Merchants Association Inc. (SFDMA) is a not-for-profit association of independent local businesses whose purpose is to support, expand, and encourage local and tourist business and profitability in Santa Fe.

We encourage adherence to fair and equitable business practices, and attempt to increase awareness among the private and public sector regarding ordinances, statutes, and regulations that ensure ethical behavior and business practices. SFDMA works to ensure that Santa Fe continues to be a great place for locals and visitors to shop, tour, eat, and enjoy the community with confidence in the integrity and business practices of the overwhelming majority of Santa Fe Downtown businesses.

Membership in the SFDMA, and the proud display of our logo, assures the discerning shopper that a strict code of consumer ethics is upheld, and all applicable ordinances and protections are maintained by the business displaying the logo.

Annual Membership is $150.00. Please make checks out to:
Santa Fe Downtown Merchants Association Inc.
and mail to:

Santa Fe Downtown Merchants Association Inc.
PO Box 33651
Santa Fe, NM 87594

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